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Support resources are often less than adequate for many software products, such that no matter how good the software is, it can be difficult to make it perform the way you need. LabLynx support resources, conversely, are comprehensive and of a high standard. LabLynx believes in equipping our customers with all of the tools required to make you as successful as possible, and even more so, not less so, when the application is affordably priced, and designed for simple implementation and ease of use.

Most of the support resources described below are free and included with your LabLynx solution package. You always get free unlimited community forum support, manuals, tutorials, and information resources and can avail yourself of additional products and services to improve your solution and its implementation (e.g., integrations, customization, etc.).

Default Support Resources

Every COVIDLiMS member gets default support services. All accounts get access to community resources such as question submission, issue management, FAQs and discussion boards, news and events, industry articles, books, and much more.

LabLynx has always been a believer in the power of video to help users learn an application’s operation. We continue to provide a host of online tutorials, available at the click of a button, so you never have to worry about figuring out how your LabLynx solution functions. When coupled with the LabLynx system manual—with simple, step-by-step directions on overall use and individual functions—these tutorials work together with the help desk and other resources to give you the very best support experience possible.

These tutorials cover a range of individual functions and features used in everyday lab operations, including registration and accessioning, sample batching, data entry, reporting, approval and issuing, inventory management, and more, as well as setup and administrative procedures like user management, test setup, audit trail management, and picklist management.

All said, the manual contains all you need to set up and use your LabLynx laboratory information solution, and the included online, always-available video tutorials enhance this valuable comprehensive resource.

LabLynx provides a number of courses on various topics, with more joining the list every day. These include both general lab, scientific, and health informatics topics, as well as certifications on LabLynx applications that can be used by consultants or just by our customers to increase proficiency.

Each course includes individual lessons and quizzes, and all are available online at any time. They are accompanied by text books (also online, but downloadable), as well as online videos for comprehensive, effective, time-efficient learning. Since most of us are busy making a living as we expand our qualifications, our convenient online format makes it as practical as possible to achieve progress in our chosen areas.

Online courses are augmented by periodic live webinars, often with guest subject matter experts. They are recorded and posted online so any webinar you were interested in but were unable to attend may be viewed on your own time.

The LabLynx Learning Center courses provide a great way for you to advance in your knowledge of topics like HIPAA, CLIA, HITECH, 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 17025, etc. plus lab and informatics processes and items of interest, all of which help you advance in your career and become more effective in your job performance. Vital industry regulatory compliance requirements can be satisfied without having to spend money and time on traditional training sessions.

Another free support resource that comes with every LabLynx account is a dedicated support forum for your product. Users can find tips and guidance on all topics related to their professional LabLynx solution and share their own experiences, make suggestions, etc. Peruse the forum, search any topic or thread, carry on discussions with users in other labs, and generally immerse yourself in the LabLynx community to become completely comfortable and familiar with your system.

Your LabLynx solution is so robust, simple to use, and reliable that the manual, tutorials, and forum will likely be all you need. However, you also get full access to the Help Desk, where you can manage your implementation, including adding extra services and plugins like interfaces, training management, invoicing, or any of the other many extended features and functions.

LIMSforum provides a vast range of books on topics of interest to the laboratory, scientific, and healthcare industries, with special attention to informatics-related themes. And each LabLynx solution membership includes access to an industry-specific wiki, which you can both read and integrate material from for custom books.


LabLynx offers a complete range of services for our customers and in support of all of our products. These take the form of three general service types:

  1. Free Support: For all LabLynx members
  2. Professional Services: Optional available services
  3. Staffing: Open to all

Additional Support Resources

In addition to the default support services included with every account, LabLynx offers a complete selection of professional services, from training and implementation to custom development. By default, setup, training, and full access to the help desk is included in every solution. However, whenever you want additional work done, LabLynx offers a full selection of services provided by our highly skilled and experienced team of engineers and developers.
Your LabLynx representative will carefully work with you to identify and verify your lab’s data management requirements and provide a quote that includes the scope of work and services needed to make your LabLynx solution complete.

Professional services include:

  • Setup and Training: LabLynx provides these services as part of all implementations.
  • Customization: Let us know about any special features or functions you’d like, either during scope planning or by submitting a request ticket to the help desk any time. Custom plugins can also be purchased to order.
  • Integration: Connect anything to anything with LabLynx’s integration services. Whether it’s through our exclusive LabVia integration or simply file transfers, LabLynx will link your solution to other systems, instruments, devices, agencies, billing services, or any other entity to help you manage your data smoothly and accurately throughout your facilities.
  • Validation: Compliance with applicable standards is a huge part of successful lab management, and LabLynx offerings support them all. If you need help in validating to a particular regulation or standard—whether CLIA, CAP, CLSI, 21 CFR Part 11, ISO, 43 CFR, GMP, state regulations, etc.—LabLynx is here for you. Just include it in your original scope or submit a request ticket any time. In fact, the validation plugin module runs an automatic script and generates a report that will satisfy many regulatory compliance requirements for validation.
  • Go-live Assistance: It’s always handy to have some professional backup as you begin using the system for the first time. No matter how careful you are in setting up and training, something unforeseen may rear its ugly head. Keep your system launch stress-free by tapping into go-live assistance from the professionals at LabLynx.

LabLynx’s Help Desk is the central feature of premium support services for all of our customers and partners. All customers who subscribe to our products, services, and support agreements are provided with a login.

The Help Desk allows you to:

  • Securely log in to your own project and tickets
  • Submit tickets
  • Monitor progress
  • Interact with support staff
  • Approve and close tickets
  • Request additional services and products
  • Access documents and files

The online Help Desk, available any time of day, is your go-to resource for any questions, issues, or requests you have. Support personnel are alerted immediately when a new ticket is submitted or any updates are made to existing ones. All ticket submissions generate automatic alerts to support personnel and are responded to immediately. This means they are prioritized and assigned. If a ticket is critical, we’ll probably know it before you do. All of our hosted sites are monitored constantly, with text alerts sent to support personnel—as well as LabLynx President John Jones—instantly should anything go wrong. Any other critical issues submitted by you are also dealt with immediately, no matter when they come in. Your system is 100% warrantied, and any warranty issues are resolved free of charge. Requests for additional features or services are easily submitted through the Help Desk. Our highly trained and experienced staff are happy to do whatever it takes to make sure your LabLynx customer experience is a pleasant and successful one. The support team are headed by the same LabLynx personnel who created the training materials and resources and who implement its laboratory informatics solutions, integrations, and customization. And if you’re having difficulty accessing the Help Desk, you can always just email or give us a call, and we will make sure you are taken care of as quickly and effectively as possible.

All Help Desk personnel are LabLynx employees, based in the United States and trained to support your products to whatever level is necessary, from simple reminders of how to perform some procedure in your solution, to the management of an instrument or database integration or the need for new custom functionality involving development work. Don’t forget you can also turn to the LIMSforum community to search for answers to any questions or issues you may have, or to post new ones.

One of LabLynx’s many services offered to the community is recruiting of the right professionals to fill any staffing needs you have. In addition to the use of the job board to post openings, you can make use of our many years of qualifications and experience in this industry to find the right people for you. Most staffing agencies or recruiters are too generalized to do a good job of selecting appropriate candidates for a given vacancy, relying on inaccurate and easily-fooled keyword searches. It’s easy to see how much sense it makes to use a company who lives and breathes your business daily.

LabLynx staffing service pricing is simple and transparent. There is no cost at all if we don’t place anyone with you. If you do hire a candidate we recruited, the fee is a one-time percentage of the projected first year’s salary.

Contact us at any time through the Help Desk, or give us a call or email, and one of our highly-skilled professional recruiters will be assigned to make sure you find the perfect person to meet your needs.

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